WORKING FROM HOME — The New Reality.

Brian woke up to the unforgiving sound of his alarm clock. He jumped off his bed and made his way to the bathroom, hoping to complete some tasks before the kids wake up.

Still, in his Pyjamas, he made his way to his new office desk located at a corner of his room. He had spent most of his time working on work-related projects the previous day.

It is the new reality he faced, though it feels enjoyable, but also came with its barriers as team members were not readily available as it used to be.

Working from home is now a reality for many workers since the start of the global pandemic. It is a new way of life in which many are gradually adjusting, or maybe not. Working from home surfaced unexpectedly with its advantages, but also this unusual scenario came with new challenges.

Technology plays its part in the success of the working-from-home reality, as it helps team members communicate through some of the communication platforms like Zoom, Google meeting, e.t.c.

Technological innovations have made communication easier and better for individuals in different locations.

Its effectiveness, on the other hand, is yet to be fully determined.

Another great news, especially for Climate Defenders, is a reduction in the overall emission of green-house gases since the pandemic started.

As many work from the comfort of their bedrooms, there is a noticeable reduction of green-house gases emission from the transportation networks. It has improved the overall health of the earth's atmosphere.

But, can these pros outweigh the cons?

Humans are highly interactive organisms, and although technological innovations aid quick communication between individuals in different locations, the question of whether if these innovations can satisfy our urge for physical interactions need replies.

Before now, Brian only had to take a few steps to his colleague's desk at the office to get clarification on documents and matters he felt was challenging. But currently, he has to set up a zoom meeting/call now and then he needed a team member's help, thereby slowing down work to be done.

Does it then leave us with questions asked if this new measure is sustainable and healthy for team-works, and its effectiveness in achieving daily organizational goals?

Another pressing issue is the discerning of work-time from home/family time.

In reality, working from home might be perceived to give one more time with his/her family. But when looked closely, it tends to be the exact opposite.

In Brian's case, he unconsciously works straight into the night without a proper discerning factor for when to step aside from his laptop. All-time now looks the same to him with his pyjamas on.

But how long can Brian's family keep up with this?

The forming of new habits to suit this new way of life is one aspect no one can shy away from, and this will likely take longer than expected for most workers.

So many questions are unanswered as it relates to the sustainability and effectiveness of having to work from home. Its inputs and outputs in terms of achieving organizational goals, task completion and time-taken, will be the determining factors in the success of this new reality.




Multi-niched Writer | Freelance writer & traffic-driving Blogger | Finance | Tech | Entrepreneurship | Lifestyle | SEO & Content Marketing

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Emmanuel Oyagha

Emmanuel Oyagha

Multi-niched Writer | Freelance writer & traffic-driving Blogger | Finance | Tech | Entrepreneurship | Lifestyle | SEO & Content Marketing

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